Your Family Jeweler since 1974. We specialize in luxury items.
Your Family Jeweler since 1974. We specialize in luxury items.

Sell Your Gold

Buying gold for over 35 years

We have been buying scrap gold from the public and dealers since 1974. I always recommend calling for competitive prices. We will happily give you a quote over the phone for your gold.

Unlike most dealers who buy gold, and claim to pay the highest price, we will quote prices because we are confident that NOBODY will pay as much as us! We also have been buying gold and silver coins and large diamonds for over 35 years. Please feel free to call us for any questions


Q: Do you pay with cash or check.?
A: We pay with a check.
Q: How strong do you pay?
A: We base our prices off of the current spot gold and spot silver markets.
Q: How old do I have to be to sell gold or silver?

A: You must be 21 years of age or older to sell us your gold or silver jewelry and/or coins.

Q: Do I need an ID?
A: Yes, we require that you have a picture ID with you when we buy your silver or gold and/or coins.
Q: Can I sell you my jewelry, then buy it back later?
A: No. We are not in the pawn business. We only buy from you if it is yours to sell us and if you are ready to part with it.
Q: Do you buy metals in grams or pennyweight?
A: We will explain your price in grams or pennyweight, but we buy precious metals in pennywieight (abbreviated dwt).
Q: How do I know what karat my gold jewelry is?
A: Look at the marking on the jewelry and you should see a number or karat mark. Please look at “What We Buy” to see what karat the markings refer to.
Q: What if my gold jewelry is not marked?
A: Sometimes the marks do wear off; if you bring it in, we will be happy to test it for you to determine the karat.
Q: What if my gold contains diamonds or gemstones?
A: We will attempt to remove the stones for you if you are willing to pay a removal fee.
Q: What if I have a large diamond to sell?
A: We will be happy to look at the diamond and make a reasonable offer if we want to add it to our inventory.

10K gold (stamped 417)

14K gold (stamped 585)

16K gold

18K gold (stamped 750)

20K gold

21K gold

22K gold (stamped 916)

24K gold (stamped 999)


Platinum (stamped 900 or 950)

Gold and silver coins

Silver flatware (Must be marked “sterling”)

We do not buy gold plated items or silver plated items.

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What People are Saying

“Thank you to the fine people of Carolina Fine Jewelry for helping me today with my engagement ring. I was desperate to get a fix for it. The main stone just kept making the ring fall to either side all of the time, and was driving me crazy.

They placed a silicone piece on it and like magic, it now sits where it should. No need to resize it.”


“I had a broken clasp on a very special necklace that my father gave me from Israel. I was referred to Carolina Fine Jewelry and I’m so glad I went to them!! They replaced the clasp RIGHT there!! They were so kind as soon as I walked in.

Now I can wear my special necklace again because of them!!”

Julia Mandel

“This place has the best jewelry in town but more importantly they have an amazing sales person, Whitney. We came in to look at jewelry today and ended up trying on at least 20 pieces, Whitney was patient the entire time.

Not only patient but kind and knowledgeable. I’ve bought from many places and Whitney was one of the best experiences I’ve had.”

Jennifer H